The Unique Features for How to Build a Franchise Website

Franchise websites are designed differently than “traditional” websites. The fundamental..

The Unique Features for How to Build a Franchise Website

Franchise websites are designed differently than “traditional” websites. The fundamental difference with a franchise website is in how it displays two major aspects of the same business. Most websites sell a product or offer a service through a single outlet. In other words, the people visiting the website exist in a single place. They are buying customers. They are interested followers.

Two Websites in One

In a franchise website, visitors can come from two entirely different, and often opposed, places of view. One major audience wants to find out information about the business by buying products, making customer calls, and more. The other audience type is there to interact with their franchise. They are a different type of customer. They are franchise owners.

The different grouping of visitors creates a difficult to bridge gulf that needs to be bridged. A franchise website uniquely has to offer information about the business to a buying customer but also needs to offer information to existing franchise owners.

Keeping the Sub-Websites Separated

The design challenge is impressively high. In a typical layout, there is a general page about the franchise. The page can offer product details, history about the company, customer contact details, and more. But, there is another area entirely filled with sub-sites that cover management, website maintenance, content uploading, resource utilization, and more. All of these resources are available for pre-existing franchise owners who need to grow their business within a business.

Possibly the trickiest component here is the need to keep these two areas inherently separated. There must be minimal bleed-over. Customers looking for information about the business should not be privy to the inner-workings of franchise development.

Developers need to account for web speed, the direction of control, security, and many other factors to keep these areas pointed but separate. Franchise sites do a whole lot more than traditional business websites that only have to cater to one main target market. In this sense, learning how to build a franchise website means learning how to build one website on top of the other. There is one website inside of or on top of the other, two frames in one.