An Entry-Level Engraver With More

Most entry-level laser engravers and cutters have a sixteen by..

An Entry-Level Engraver With More

Most entry-level laser engravers and cutters have a sixteen by twelve-inch platform, and the standard power of a fifty-watt CO2 laser tube. These specifications and capabilities are ideal for people just beginning to learn how to operate and manipulate cutters. The limitations can be a problem because a upgraded model will be needed in a short period of time. Laser cutters are much more affordable than they used to be, but they are still an investment.

More Power and Cutting Space

Investing in an entry-level machine that has more power and cutting space allows beginners to utilize the machine for a longer time period. That will drastically reduce costs because it will not have to be replaced soon, or ever, depending on the intended purpose. An American manufacturer, boss laser, offers an LS 1416 Gen-5 model that has upgrades to increase power, cutting space, lenses, and support. The total cost, even with upgrades is less than one might expect to pay for a professional-grade desktop hobby and small business machine.


The model comes with a standard fifty-watt laser tube. Upgrading to a sixty-five-watt CO2 laser tube allows for deeper cutting due to higher strength. Twenty-five percent more cutting space is offered for an available sixteen-inch by twenty-inch space with which to work and create. There is a choice of four focal lens upgrades and an option to get a metal stand for the machine.

Customers can select installation and setup services or install the machine alone. Protection and telephone support for one year is standard for this model, but customers can extend services for two or three years. The upgrade was added to accommodate a wide range of customer confidence and comfort levels.

Additional Models Also Available

A complete line of laser engravers/cutters is available from compact sizes to massive, industrial-strength cutters. All features, upgrades, and prices can be found on the website. Compare these prices and options to other laser cutter manufacturers to determine which model will work for your needs or a business’ needs. It is also wise to compare reviews of similar models to get an objective take on how they perform from customers who have purchased and used machines.